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6 flawless and fabulous holiday hair 2019 must-haves!

6 flawless and fabulous holiday hair must-haves!

October is here, which means the holiday season is just around the corner! Once the season hits, it’s easy to get caught up in the food, fun… and Hallmark movies. No one wants to take time away from all that! 

Getting your hair on point for the holiday begins now…

The importance of fabulous hair for the holidays 

The holidays are a time for getting together with family, friends, and more. This means there are all kinds of parties to go to. Whether these are casual get-togethers or full-on galas, you always want to look your best. 

You may already be thinking about your wardrobe, but no look is complete without great hair! So, we always suggest making an appointment with your trusted hairstylist before the holidays. Get a cut, colour, or whatever other treatments make your hair feel great.

If you know when you have big events or parties coming up, book an appointment in advance for a hot blow dry that day. That way, you know you’ll be feeling your all night! 

When you don’t have time to get your hair done during the holidays

Don’t have time to get in to the salon? Have a last-minute party pop up? Don’t worry! There are still ways to feel a million at home. You just need the right tools and products. 

1) Professional-grade styling tools

From blow-dryers to smoothing irons and easy-to-use conical curling irons, styling has never been simpler and more effective – as long as you have professional-quality tools. The trick is getting the tool you need for the style you want, and making sure that tool is high quality. If you’re looking for awesome tools, some of our favourites are: 

  • Elchim and Babyliss PRO Ceramic blow-dryers
  • Babyliss PRO Nano-Titanium curling irons
  • Absolute Heat and Babyliss PRO Nano-Titanium smoothing (flat) irons


Rocking short hair? A couple of tools can make all the difference. We always suggest picking up a pair of clippers and neck trimmers. We love: 

  • Wahl (Peanut) clippers 
  • Babyliss PRO Foil  neck trimmers 

With these, you’ll be able to keep your look crisp and polished all holiday season long! 

2) A good brush or comb

Getting a good brush or comb will change your life and your hair. The right brush can make your hair shiny, smooth, and give it a solid amount of body. That gives you that “good hair day” look every day. 

But how do you know which brush is right for you? 

You ask your stylist, of course! They know your hair inside and out and will recommend the perfect round, paddle, denman or vent brush to suit your style to make your life easier. Not all combs are created equal, either. Ask your stylist about graphite combs – you will never go back to plastic once you give them a try.

3) The right styling and finishing products

Do you ever find yourself wishing your style would look or last like it does when your stylist does your hair?

To achieve your best hair, you need some kick butt products. The trick is finding the right products for all the factors you’re dealing with. In order to do that, you need to think about: 

  • Your cut
  • Your hair colour 
  • The health of your strands 
  • The ‘do you want to create 
  • How long you need it to stay in place 

Talk all these elements out with your stylist and they’ll be able to recommend the best products to give you fabulous hair for the holidays. 

Guys and gals, don’t think products are outside your hair scope. The right products can make all the difference for you. With proper styling and finishing products, you can transform your hair, getting a variety of looks out of the same cut and impressing everyone at your holiday parties. 

4) Ways to change things up

Whether you have longer or shorter hair, there are all kinds of ways to change your look up. There are accessories, wigs, and more. 

One of our favourite options for the holidays, though, is extensions. We have fantastic extension services with both Great Lengths and Tape Ins if you’re looking for something more permanent. 

Just want to swap things up for the night? Grab one of our ‘Hidden Band’ extensions to add a little more length or fullness to your updo. These extensions are made of synthetic fibre, making them an inexpensive and fun way to shake up your holiday hair.

5) TLC products

With all the heat, styling, extensions, and more, your hair can easily get damaged during the holiday season. That’s why it’s so important to do everything you can to keep your strands healthy. The best way to do that is products that take care of your hair from hair masks to serums to repair shampoos. We carry: 

  • Electric London
  • Kevin Murphy
  • Joico
  • BS
  • Fanola
  • Olaplex

With a full range of professional products , we can help you keep your hair in tip top condition throughout the holiday season. Then you’ll be ready to jump into 2020 with shiny, healthy hair. 


Want to get everything together to make your dream hair for the holidays a reality? We’re here to help! Pop by the studio at 1116 Richards St. or book an appointment to discuss your holiday hair plans and which tools and products you’ll need.

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