Vancouver HAIR SALON SERVICES — since 1997

The   Lounge  Hair  Studio

licensed EXPERTs in a Downtown Vancouver Hair Salon

Award winning hairstylists ranging in experience from 2 to 40 years to match any style, budget and  expectation; from alternative personalities to professional looks and everything in between. Services prices are dependent on the experience and tenure of our stylists.

A conveniently located Yaletown Hair Salon

Vancouver — since 1997

INCluSIVITY  – All people  |   Pricing & COMMITMENT

The Lounge Hair Studio is committed to policies and practices that ensures it remains an inclusive and safe space for everyone to be their best version of themselves. We take pride in the people that make up The Lounge, our clients and our team.


Pricing at The Lounge Hair Studio has always reflected a number of factors; length and thickness of hair, complexity of the work involved, length of time required, amount of product used (if any) and experience and tenure of each stylist.


With inclusive pricing in mind, The Lounge has begun to remove all gender specific reference to service descriptions and prices and hope to complete it by August 30, 2022.  Stay Tuned.


If you have trouble finding your services or if you have any questions on our policies and procedures please do not hesitate to email us.