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Martin Hillier

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The lounge hair studio

The Lounge Hair Studio

At a time when many people’s careers are slowing down, Martin Hillier, co-owner of The Lounge Hair Studio and International Artistic Director for Senscience (Shiseido prestigious hair care line) is busier than ever!

International commitments are taking him around the globe annually, bringing new ideas and concepts to hairdressers everywhere. Both TV and Magazine makeovers create a regular buzz of excitement between the artistic team at The Lounge.

Martin’s long standing clientele keep him busy when he is not on the road. His interview process with selected new clients makes sure that they are a perfect fit for each other. A few hours in the chair can change the world of a lucky recipient and bring out their true personality. Taking a chance on change can change you forever!

Artist Director
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Martin Hillier

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