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What is the difference between, Balayage, Babylights, Ombre, and Sombre? 

We are always asked to explain the differences and our team of licensed stylists are well versed in all applications. We have put together a collection of examples.  Some of it is our work, while others are celebrities and images that we just loved.


Let’s start with Balayage. Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint.  In a hair salon it means the way a colour is applied. When done properly a balayage technique leaves softer, less noticeable regrowth lines.

In short, Balayage is a technique. Babylights, Sombre and Ombre are all styles and all go them grow out softly and naturally.


Babylights is a technique where our stylist’s create very fine, delicate highlights to create subtle dimension.

Not all the ends will be affected and the transition between dark and light will be much longer and more natural looking. Think sun-kissed, natural looking hair, similar to what nature gave us as children.


Ombre is the gradual blending of one colour into another.  Using our Balayage techniques, a traditional Ombre seamlessly transitions from a darker regrowth (roots or natural) into light or lighter ends.


Sombre is a more subtle version of Ombre which uses less contrasting shades from the root to tip transition.


Fashion Colour Trends

For the more adventurous, we can pre-lighten hair and using Balayage techniques create Ombre or Sombre styles with vibrant colours.

When completing the style in this way, the maintenance will be much greater than traditional Ombre or Sombre services.

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