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Braids: A Timeless Trend with a Rich History

Braids have been an enduring hairstyle, rooted in diverse cultures and evolving through history. From ancient civilizations to modern fashion runways, braids have maintained their popularity for centuries.

Historically, braids served practical purposes, indicating one’s social status, age, or tribe. Over time, this functional hairstyle transformed into a fashion statement, adapting to changing trends and aesthetics.


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Today, braids continue to captivate hairstylists and enthusiasts alike.

From intricate fishtails to bohemian twists, braided styles offer versatility and creativity. At The Lounge Hair Studio, our skilled stylist Gursimran brings a contemporary touch to this timeless trend.


At The Lounge Hair Studio, we believe in the transformative power of braids, especially for those with curly or coily hair. Our braiding techniques are more than just a stylish choice – they are a protective measure against the damage that open cuticles can cause.

Here’s how our braids can benefit you:

  • Protection for Your Hair:

    • Braiding is a protective styling method that tucks your hair away, minimizing unnecessary wear and tear.
    • It shields your strands, particularly beneficial for curly and coily hair prone to damage.
  • Promoting Hair Growth:

    • Braids contribute to hair growth, especially in thick and curly hair types.
    • By maintaining the hair in a braided style, you’re providing a conducive environment for healthy growth.
  • Long-Lasting Style:

    • A well-maintained set of braids can last as long as you can go without washing your hair.
    • Avoiding excessive wetting ensures the longevity of the braids and prevents unwanted flyaways.

Gentle Procedure for All Hair Types

Our braiding process includes a careful routine:

  • Shampooing to cleanse
  • Conditioning to balance pH
  • Leave-in conditioner to add moisture
  • Blow-drying for smoothness
  • Braiding with precision using extra-hold edge control products

Versatile Braiding Options:

  • We offer two gender-neutral braiding styles:
  • Cornrows: Dutch braids in customizable sections
  • Box Braids: Sections braided into boxes/triangles

Optional Enhancements:

  • Synthetic hair can be added for length and thickness.
  • Accessories like beads can enhance your braided style.


We have complete confidence in our ability to delight our guests, which is why we provide complimentary consultations and offer a 100% 7 Day Risk-Free Guarantee* with our services to put your mind at ease. 

You deserve to be happy with the services you receive at The Lounge. In the unlikely event you are not completely satisfied with the results, please tell us so we may make it right. Not only will we graciously re-do it for FREE, but if you require, we will credit your account with the equal value of the service so you may ask to be with ANY SERVICE PROVIDER of your choice for the re-do.


Service prices vary for if you have exceptionally thick or long hair. Although we can estimate a price over the phone, we only guarantee the price when you visit for your service or during a complimentary consultation.

Contact us BEFORE BOOKING or book a consultation if you have any questions.


*excluding styling services such as blow-drys, undo’s, braiding and make-up.

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