Corona-19 Salon Visit Protocols

The Lounge commitment


The Lounge Hair Studio has been a proud part of the Yaletown, Vancouver community since 1997.


We remain proud and committed to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our clients, our team and our community. The implementation of the following, increased standards and protocols, are intended to protect you, our team, each of our families and our community, and are subject to change. Although we realize the experience you are accustomed to at The Lounge will change, we will do our best to make your visit as comfortable as possible.


Social distancing practices will include no hand-shaking or hugging, increased salon hours to limit the number of people in the salon at any one time ensuring that all stations in use are at least 2 meters apart. Physical barriers will be used where social distancing practices are not possible and services will be by appointment only.

Please answer and submit the following questions on the day you attend the salon.

1 Step 1
Protocol Questionnaire and Update
Have you, or anyone in your household travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days?spick one!
Have you had close contact (face-to-face contact within 2 meters/6 feet) in the last 14 days with someone who is being investigated or confirmed to be a case of COVID-19 without the use of appropriate PPE?pick one!
Do you have any of the following symptoms:pick any that apply
In addition to wearing a mask during my stay (no exceptions), I have read and agree to the following protocols of The Lounge:pick one!
NEW CLIENTS - please complete the following
How did you hear about us?pick one!
If it was a friend, we would like to credit them with loyalty rewards points.
Can we credit you with Loyalty Reward Points on your birthday?
Your privacy is important to us. Should your stylist move on - we do not release information to your stylist unless you authorize us to do so.pick one!

What to expect when Arriving and During your visit


  • you will be required to
    •  submitted the above questionnaire and confirm you remain in good health
    • have your temperature taken with a touchless infrared thermometer.  If it is over 38 celsius, we will not be able to continue with your booked service
    • sanitize your hands upon entering and leaving the salon and upon returning from the washroom


For individuals, or those taking care of individuals, who are immunosuppressed

  • We recommend booking from 9 to 11am.
  • We reserve the right to no blow-dry hair during this time
  • If those hours will not work for you, please make arrangements directly with your stylist
  • Most importantly, we care for each and everyone that attends the salon, their family and circle of friends. If you do have health concerns and are uncomfortable to attend The Lounge, please take Dr Bonny Henry’s advice and wait to see us when you are professionally advised to do so.


In response to the increased cost to purchase and dispose of PPe and sanitation, we will increase our Environmental fee from $2 to $4 and all other costs remain the same.


our Hours of operation will be
    • Monday – Friday 9-9
    • Saturday 9-5


In preparation for your return

our team


  • been re-certified in infection control by BARBICIDE®
  • revisited disinfection and sterilization standards for the Beauty Safe Certification program. Select team members have been certified for in-salon training
  • ongoing discussions and training to improve our understanding and awareness of the Covid-19 virus to reduce it’s transmission
  • installed recommended physical barriers and hand sanitizer stations, purchased new capes, face shields and masks for staff and clients (if you don’t have your own), new gloves sanitizers, and disinfectants recommended for Covid-19

& will

  • follow all social distancing protocols outlined BC Health Ministry and cleaning and sanitation standards outlined by the BC Beauty Association
  • stay at home if they or anyone they are in contact with becomes sick
  • arrive at work straight from home in clean, tight fitting clothes or bring a change of clothes if stops are made along the way, sanitize upon arrival, as per current BC Health Authority standards
  • were a mask at all times
  • use sanitized tools, capes, work stations and face shields when required
  • wash and sanitize their hands between clients and wear gloves for application of colour only
  • follow strict personal hygiene standards while at work, between clients and with tools


preparing for your visit,

you will be required to

  • ensure you have sufficient time on the meter as you will be required to remain in the salon. Change will not be provided.
  • bring a mask that secures around your ears, not the back of your head
  • attend the salon alone, leave your friends, family and pets at home
  • wear clean clothes
  • leave any personal belongings at home, no extra bags or food. You may bring 1 bottled water and take it with you when you leave.
  • wait outside the locked salon until your appointment begins (or within 5 minutes)
  • we will provide you with a freshly washed cape. If you are not comfortable with a washed cape, you will be offered a disposable cape when available.  If not available you will be offered to reschedule.
  • you will be
    • required wear a mask or we can provide one for $1.50
    • required to remain in the salon until the completion of your service
    • offered a clean and disinfected hand held face shield during any face to face discussions
    • offered a freshly washed cape. If you do not wish to use a washed cape, you will be offered a disposable cape when available. If not available you will be required to reschedule
  • you will not be
    • offered coffee, tea, water or wine
    • offered magazines or books
    • offered our charging station to charge your devices
    • able to touch our inventory.  Our team will be happy to get anything for you or order product from our online store and we will have it ready for you during your visit
    • offered a gown – please wear clean clothes that you are comfortable having any service in; cut, colour etc

For all Services

  • We will
    • be wearing a face mask and a face shield during face to face conversations
    • clean and disinfect all tools before each use
    • clean and sanitize our hands before each service
 Cut and or Colour Services
  • We will:
    • rinse or shampoo your hair a quickly as possible
    • require you to hold a face shield while at the sink
    • follow strict blow-dry policies – with no round brush styling offered (we will curl or flat iron your hair)
  • We will not
    • use our middle sink
    • speak to you when getting a shampoo – or, rough drying your hair (when needed)

If you have coloured your hair and it needs a colour correction, our regular hourly rate is $100. Please call to discuss.


If you are doing a full head bleach-out (not a colour or highlight). Do not wash your hair for 2 days. Not sure what that is – wash your hair.  🙂

Keratin treatments, Japanese STraightening, Perms and Extensions

Services will be limited to appointments after 3pm only.


For services in excess of 3 hours – you may order food delivery from a reputable service provider.

after your appointment

  • we will 
    • accept debit, credit and eTransfers for payment.
      • eTransfer to – registered for auto-deposit
  • will not 
    • accept cash

Whenever possible, please book appointments with our On-Line Booking to free up our team during the day to service clients.