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Corona Virus Update – Colour Solutions

So you colour your hair

We recognize that for many of us, we have not seen our natural hair colour for some time…  UNTIL NOW!

All kidding aside, it is of concern for many and we are here to help. If not to colour your hair, to share some useful tips until it can be done again.

There have been suggested ‘curb-side colour solutions’ being given out by some hairdressers in the States and beginning now in Canada. Although on the surface it seems like a great idea, our position as of March 25th it was as follows below.


In support of our professional position, our clients are rising to the occasion.  THANK YOU and in response we would like to give back!

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Professionally for you:

  • People are asking us to provide them with our colour formulas so they can apply colour themselves.
    • Incorrectly applied colours could adversely affect your colour in the future – patchy,  missed areas or areas that you go over twice which can cause damage to that area.
    • Not all colour is made the same, in fact we create a formula just for you so other colours will never be an exact “match”
    • Both mean that, when we get back to work, we may have a corrective colour service on our hands, which can be very costly.  In fact, they can range anywhere from a small amount of $100 to over $500, not to mention it can adversely affect the condition of your hair.

Professionally for us:

  • Our industry has been mandated to close, and although we GREATLY understand our need to look and feel good, we do not wish to jeopardize our clients, our team, our industry or our community.
  • As we understand this lockdown, those businesses or individuals that offer curb-side colour could jeopardize their license, the relationship they have with their product manufacturers, fines or the availability of CERB financing, should it be needed.
  • We are bound by our profession, as are our distributors to only sell professional products for use by professionals and we wish to respect our industry standards.

Here is our professional advice till we can see you again

  • If the colour applied is darker then your natural or a slightly different shade, we call that a regrowth.
      1. First of all try a zigzag part until your regrowth is too much. Then…
      2. Seek out and purchase a spray-on (or pen) colour from your local drug store.
        • They come in many shades and get one that that closely matches your coloured hair.
        • They are water soluble, so will do no lasting damage to the hair but will maintain your look while you are quarantined at home for all those Skype and FaceTime chats you are having with family and friends 🙂
        • Use these on your parting or hairline area only
  • If the colour applied is just a little lighter then your natural but not blonde – You know what we mean
      1. First of all try a zigzag part until your regrowth is too much. Then…
      2. Try the above also but know that the results will not be the same as you are spraying a darker area lighter.
      3. It may be best to just leave it alone.  🙂
  • If you hair is coloured blonde by using a pre-lightener (often times a bleach)
      1. First of all try a zigzag part until your regrowth is too much. Then…
      2. Unfortunately regrowth may be the look for now as we DO NOT recommend you try this on your own.
      3. You can however maintain the health and shine of your hair with a colour safe Shampoo and conditioner.
      4. Once a week use a purple based shampoo, leaving it on for a few minutes before adding your regular conditioner for sine and moisture.

At this time we still offer the following:

•Appointment bookings can be made by BOOKING ON-LINE.

•Electric London hair products can be purchased at the Electric London Website and delivered directly to your door. Use @loungehairyvr in the discount code for free shipping.


We will not book appointments via email, chat or phone.


For any other inquiries you may call 604-602-7688 and we will return your call at our earliest convenience as we will be monitoring the phone.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


Sincerely Martin and Lance


  • Lois & Richard


    Thank you so much ….we are all missing coming in but hope everyone there is staying healthy and safe ! Take care 🙂

  • Sherry Stein


    Thank you for this advice. I was about to buy a box of hair colour from the pharmacy.

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