Lounge Hair Salon Downtown Vancouver

Corona Virus Update – Reopening and Booking Details

A Lounge reopening commitment

We are watching many regions begin to reopen their communities and like, you, we could not be happier. They are with increased guidelines to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their residents which will just ensure our safety and well-being while Covid-19 remains a part of our lives.


Under the guidelines of Health Canada and BC Health Ministry we continue to monitor how it will affect us when we reopen our doors to ensure we protect our clients, our team and our community.


Whenever possible, please book appointments with our On-Line Booking to free up our team during the day to service clients.

On top of the normally high standards of maintenance we will introduce any and all recommendations of BC Ministry of Health.

Each of our team members has been BARBICIDE® Certified!

Carolyn attended the Beauty Safe Program and shared her knowledge with our team to assist us in ensuring we provide a safe working environment while we take care of you and your hair needs.

In compliance with the Health Ministers announcement of May 06, 2020, the following are some of the changes that will be introduced to ensure social distancing and increased protocols can be practiced to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 at The Lounge.

  • Hours of operation will be
    • Monday – Friday 9-9
    • Saturday 9-5
  • We will:
    • have a maximum of 5 stylists at any one time
    • have strict blow-dry policies – we may not be able to style your hair
    • be wearing a face shield and a mask during your appointment (still to be determined if we must wear one)
    • accept eTransfers as payment for services
  • We will not
    • double book – one client per stylist
    • book clients next to you
    • use our middle sink
    • accept cash
    • provide coffee / tea / wine / water
    • provide magazines
    • blow-dry your hair (still to be determined)
    • speak to you when getting a shampoo – possibly when blowdrying your hair also
    • provide you with a gown
  • You will be required to
    • if you are having a cut only, you may be required to come with clean, dry (no product) hair
    • if you are doing an on the scalp bleach out DO NOT WASH your hair for 2 days.  Not sure what a bleach out is? You probably don’t have to worry.
    • wait outside the salon till your appointment time
    • ensure adequate time is on the meter as no one will be able to leave the salon to plug your meter including yourself
    • attend the salon alone, unless a minor accompanied by your guardian
    • wear a mask that fits around the ears, not the head so please bring your own or you can purchase one for a $1.5
    • leave extra bags, personal effects, and dogs (pets) at home
    • sanitize your hands when entering the salon, leaving the salon or upon entering or exiting the bathroom
    • confirm your temperature before entering the salon
    • reschedule your appointment if, within two weeks, you:
      • have had a cough
      • have had a fever
      • have been around anyone exhibiting these symptoms
      • are living with anyone who is sick or quarantined
  • you will be offered a freshly washed cape or if you prefer,  we will have disposable capes when they become available
  • not speak when getting a shampoo
  • if you are having a chemical service, to bring clothes that you are comfortable have the service in as no own will be provided

We realize that these changes impact the service that you are used to from The Lounge, but we will do our best to make you feel as comfortable as we can and ask for your patience at this time. Please note that the above is subject to change.


For any other inquiries you may call 604-602-7688 and we will return your call at our earliest convenience as we will be monitoring the phone.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


Sincerely Martin and Lance