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Corona Virus Update

A Lounge Update

As we all continue to receive information focused on Covid-19, we would like to extend a thank you to our community for your ongoing support, specifically our front line workers in health-care, grocery stores and other essential services.


Although transmission in a hair salon was considered low risk, we made the decision to close our doors on March 19 to help reduce risk to our team, our clients and our community.


As of April 28, we anticipate reopening Towards the end of May. Our On-Line Booking will accept appointments from JUNE 01.

We will send emails and continue to keep this page updated as we know more. We plan to continue our social distancing practice of a maximum of 5 stylists at any one time and increased salon maintenance standards when we reopen in April. We will decide our ongoing practices as information becomes available.

Like you, we watch the community we have been a part of since 1997 close shops to help curb the spread. Everyone at The Lounge wishes for you to stay healthy and safe for your families, your colleagues and your communities to which we all belong.

At this time we offer the following:

  • Appointment bookings can be made by BOOKING ON-LINE.
  • Email your stylist directly at <stylistname>
  • Electric London hair products can be purchased at the Electric London Website and delivered directly to your door. Use @loungehairyvr in the discount code for free shipping.


We will not book appointments via email, chat or phone.


For any other inquiries you may email Lance.


Sincerely Martin and Lance


  • Vancouver Hair Extensions


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  • Surinder


    Stay safe Caroline, and everyone else! Coincidentally, I was trying to find a shampoo on Amazon today that stops hair loss. Any suggestions on what really works?

  • Lisa MacFarlane


    Hi Lance and Martin,
    I just wanted to say that I love you guys, and appreciate the communication updates. I have thought of you often, being in the industry you are, and have wondered how you are managing. I’d be willing to pre-pay for some appointments in advance to help keep a bit of money flowing into the business for rent etc.. I imagine not every client would be interested, but I’ll bet some would be game, especially if it looks like we’re heading into May/June (god, I hope not)! Perhaps an idea to consider. I’m letting my rooty-root-roots ride for now, and it’s interesting discovering where the sparkly bits are popping up. You know I like it “natural”! Sending you both a massive hug.

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