Lounge Hair Salon Downtown Vancouver

Corona Virus Update

A Lounge Update

As we all continue to receive information focused on Covid-19, we would like to extend a thank you to our community for your ongoing support, specifically our front line workers in health-care, grocery stores and other essential services.


Although transmission in a hair salon was considered low risk, we made the decision to close our doors on March 19 to help reduce risk to our team, our clients and our community. As of March 25, we still do not know when we will be back open but are hoping it will be April 13th. We will send emails and continue to keep this page updated as we know more.

We plan to continue our social distancing practice of a maximum of 5 stylists at any one time and increased salon maintenance standards when we reopen in April. We will decide our ongoing practices as information becomes available.

Like you, we watch the community we have been a part of since 1997 close shops to help curb the spread. Everyone at The Lounge wishes for you to stay healthy and safe for your families, your colleagues and your communities to which we all belong.

At this time we still offer the following:

•Appointment bookings can be made by BOOKING ON-LINE.

•Electric London hair products can be purchased at the Electric London Website and delivered directly to your door. Use @loungehairyvr in the discount code for free shipping.


We will not book appointments via email, chat or phone.


For any other inquiries you may call 604-602-7688 and we will return your call at our earliest convenience as we will be monitoring the phone.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


Sincerely Martin and Lance