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✨ Reposting one of Courtney`s favourite cut and colour creations🎃🍁 Fall hair is H E R E and Courtney is ready and waiting for copper and spice hair.
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Evening out unwanted brassy tones and make hair hues more natural with our teams colour expertise.

💫👩‍🎨 Haircare #ProTip: We recommend Purple Shampoos—either Fanola or Olaplex Purple Shampoos—to keep brassy tones at bay.

If your hair colour is a little brassy or the wrong tone, our entire team is here to help. Kelly and Iris are colour experts who love corrections:

✅ Neutralize “brassiness”

✅ Fix patchy colouring

✅ Alter your hair’s hue

✅ Get your hair back to your ideal shade!

We’ll identify the issue and mix up the perfect formulation just for you. Book a consultation and let us work our colour magic to get your hair where you want it.

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Photo courtesy of hairbyreanne

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Is chestnut lighter than brown?⁠

Warm hues include chestnut, chocolate, maple, and burgundy brown. Chocolate brown, sometimes called mocha brown, is the darkest shade similar in color to a semisweet chocolate bar. Chestnut brown is only slightly lighter, taking its name from the rich, brown colour of the American chestnut.⁠

Hair by @joumana_sayegh⁠
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Styling product used: Electric London C-2 smoothing cream⁠

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What is a Bleach Out and how does it work?

Christian Sloan @christiansloan
Hair by @lanceblanchette
PC of @marceerae

For many people, choosing to “Bleach Out” their hair is a great option to switch up their style with lighter locks.


When looking to lighten your hair, it’s important to note that bleaching is not a one size fit all approach. 


The time it takes to bleach your hair correctly depends on many things; your current hair color, if it is natural, professionally or home-coloured and how many times it has been coloured, your hair texture, and of course, the desired end-result you are looking for. It can take 2 to 6 hours and/or multiple applications to get the best results and maintain optimum health of your hair.


Whether you’re simply going a lighter shade of blonde, a platinum blonde or applying a bold fashion shade of pink, lavender, green or blue or removing a previous color, the first step of this process is to apply bleach.


It’s important to have your hair bleached by a professional hairstylist for optimal results. When handled correctly, bleaching and coloring can give you brilliantly lighter locks.


Bleach strips your hair of its natural pigment. This is what you want.  It does this through the process of oxidation. Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia are the most common bleaching agents used. Alkaline agents used for bleaching cause the hair cuticle to open, swelling the hair. 


Repeated bleach-outs (when poorly applied) can cause banding or cause the cuticle to permanently open up (over-porous), causing loss of moisture and split ends. Over-porous hair makes it more vulnerable to both chemical and non-chemical problems, including heat-styling tools (blow-dryers/ hair irons) and the effects of the environment.  



This silver hair tho 😍🤍💎. .

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What is a bleach out hair?⁠

Hair bleaching is a chemical process that involves stripping the pigment (colour) from hair strands, resulting in a lighter hair colour.⁠

Hair by @rosyhaircolourist ⁠
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Styling product used: Olaplex #6⁠

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Improper Bleach Out Applications

An improper bleach-out can cause damage to the hair, such as:

  • banding – the history of your hair is never more important
  • brassy, orange or yellow hair
  • leave the hair feeling dry, brittle, and prone to breakage
  • soreness and scabs on your scalp
  • damage the protein structure of your hair when overprocessed, overlapped or using poor quality products


The mistakes many people make which can be disastrous for your hair or scalp are:

  • bleach already damaged hair repeatedly
  • overlap the bleach
  • use too strong a developer (to speed things up because everyone is in a hurry)
  • all the above

When applied correctly by a professional there is nothing to worry about for your next bleachout. 

Problem-Free Bleach-Outs

Prevention is always better than the cure so before you have your hair bleached, consider the following checklist:

  • Your hair is adequately hydrated and as healthy as it can be
  • Reconstruct your hair if needed before your start – see Damage Prevention – below
  • Provide a complete history of all chemical services you’ve previously had to your stylist
  • Do not apply bleach at your scalp if your hair has been freshly washed within 24-48 hours

At  The Lounge Hair Studio, we offer professional quality bleach-out services to our clients to prevent damage. Our team of dedicated hair care experts can deal with all hair types and resolve all kinds of hair-related problems. 


To give your hair a good quality bleach out, our team of colorists can provide a sample bleach strip first (if needed or desired). Depending on the results, our team will then provide a clear roadmap to help you get the desired results from your bleach-out.

Damage Prevention & Bleach-out Maintenance

  • Before a Bleach-Out – To repair damaged hair, our team offers Olaplex and K-18 reconstructive hair treatments both in-salon and at-home hair-care products
  • During a Bleach-Out  – Our team of professionals recommend K-18 and or Olaplex Add-on Therapies for damage protection during a bleach-out (or any chemical service)
  • After a Bleach-Out Care. Now that you have bleached your hair – taking care of your investment is key.  We recommended:Do no shampoo your hair for 24-48 hoursAvoid chlorine and sunAvoid sulfate shampoo and conditioners – this will help your colour toner to last longer.Use K-18 and Olaplex products to maintain the health of your hair.

At-Home Hair-Care solutions we recommend at The Lounge Hair Studio for your Bleach-out:

before a bleach-out


Solutions for Damaged Hair | Hair Challenges

AFTER a bleach-out   |   At-Home Hair-Care


Yellow, brassy Tone Control