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Big, wild curly hair is back and not just for those naturally curly haired girls. There has been a resurgence of embracing natural textures for both men and women and the bigger the better.

At The Lounge Hair Studio, our highly trained perm specialists; BriarAlan and Mari use the latest trends and products to ensure the process is effective and long-lasting.

Types of perms:

Spiral Perm: Long perm rods create extremely tight, cascading curls or ringlets.“They look like tightly wound spirals or corkscrews. Of course, how tight the curls are depends on the size of the perm rod and the various chemicals used.”

Body Perm: This style of perm is perfectly suited for people with thin or flat hair. The curls will be larger and looser on hair that is naturally quite straight.“This style produces loose curls and a gentle wave which is great for adding volume and a bit of life to dull hair.”

Loose Wave Perm: “A gentle wavy perm will give you soft and natural-looking wavy hair that’s perfect for any occasion. It’s created with large rollers that add volume to your mane without making it look artificial. ”This is one of our favourite styles of perm to work with as it creates beautiful body throughout that is manageable and effortless looking.

What is a Perm?

The perming process remains similar across the board with changes regarding perm wand size and also time needed to set. Disulphide bonds are applied to the hair in order to make the hair more flexible before being curled into the perming rods, this mixture will depend on the kind of perm you desire, acid, alkaline or exothermic perm. A neutralizer is then placed on the hair after the desired amount of time, working to bond your hair into its new curly structure.

Should you get Perm?

Here at The Lounge Hair Studio we strongly encourage setting up a complimentary consultation appointment to determine what hair style you are looking for.

We take great care to ensure your hair is left healthy and provide you with right tools and products for your at-home maintenance. Whether you are looking for wavy, spiral or loose perms, our hairstylists will help you pick the best style ensuring the textured, fuller look you always wanted.


  • Chanelle Dupre

    December 11, 2018

    Hello – I set up an appointment on Friday to get a deep conditioner but I would also like to have a consultation on the following – perm and extension. I would like to explore one option or another.. would there be someone available to speak to on Friday to discuss these two options? I definitely want a hair condition. Thanks

  • Naomi

    June 17, 2019

    Only two questions, keeping it simple. How much might a perm cost with this studio? And is there a vegan solution by any chance?

  • Dakota Angel Ironstar

    June 26, 2019

    How much is an perm?

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