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Damaged Hair

What Is Damaged Hair? 

Damaged hair generally occurs when certain aggressors such as heat, friction or chemical treatments attack the hair’s protective outer layer. This outer layer is known as the hair cuticle, when the cuticle is damaged it leaves cracks that open causing the hair to become dry, brittle, and frizzy. When your hair is damaged, it is then more prone to breakage and further damage.  

For many men and  women, damaged hair can be a real nightmare when hair is lacking moisture and density. But thankfully there are a variety of solutions you use to help repair damaged hair and maintain your hair’s health. 

Below we will outline some of the different types of damaged hair, what causes damaged hair, and provide you with the best solution recommended by our professional hair care specialist at the Lounge Hair Studio.

For more information on damaged hair and a deeper dive into the various types of hair structures, you can follow the link here.

Different Types of Damaged Hair

Whether you take all the necessary precautions to help prevent hair damage, such as breaks from heat styling, and extended breaks between colouring many people find their hair still shows signs of damage. This isn’t unusual and the daily wear and tear alone can start to damage your hair over time.

Some of the most common types of hair damage include:

Split Ends 

Many experience some type of hair damage at some point, and split ends are one of the most common types of damage. Split ends can be obvious, and you are able to see this clearly in the hair strand if split into two or more heads. Another clear sign that your hair is damaged with split ends is if your hair begins to tangle more than usual, and your overall hair starts to feel weaker in its condition.

Chemical Damage

Generally speaking it is the “overuse or overlapping” of services such as perms and relaxers which can cause chemical damage. Although these treatments do dry the hair, choosing the right products and treatments can prevent and reverse damage which may cause the hair to break easily.  

Heat Damage 

The daily use of hot hair tools can have extensive damage to your hair’s health over a long period of time. Heat from these tools opens the hair cuticle which in turn dries it out to make it easier to style. These heated hair tools over time can have long-term damaging effects unless you look to protect it with effective products and treatments. 

Colour Damage

Many people notice deterioration in their overall hair health when they regularly colour their hair without the help of a professional hairstylist. When hair colouring is done without a professional, using the wrong chemicals can have damaging long-lasting effects on your hair.


At the Lounge Hair Studio, we take priority in looking after the overall hair health of our clients, by selecting the right chemical and colour products to ensure hair health isn’t compromised at any time. Remember however that anything that is external to your hair will produce a little bit of damage, no matter how well you apply it or how cautious you are with it. 


Damaged Hair Solutions

Best Hair Products for Damaged Hair 

Hair just like any other part of your body needs looking after or it will eventually start to break down. Our hair care specialists at The Lounge Hair Studio recommend the following products for damaged hair to ensure you get the effective treatment you need.


These products combine a nice mix of shampoos, conditioners, and masks to help nourish your hair and seal the outer layer of your hair strands. These products will provide further protection for your hair by protecting it from further damage.

In-Salon Services & Treatments for Damaged Hair 

At the Lounge Hair Studio, we specialize in the treatment of damaged hair for our clients no matter what the type or cause. We are here to work with clients who wish to treat damaged hair the right way and provide the best salon treatments that are available to help hair return to its natural healthy condition.

By booking an appointment with one of our team today, we will be able to analyze your damaged hair and recommend some great treatments and products.

Our team of hair care specialist especially recommend the following salon treatments for damaged hair:

At the Lounge Hair Studio, our team can provide effective solutions to treat damaged hair. With the use of the products and treatments mentioned above, you will be sure to take back control of your hair leaving it in a much healthier condition.

Contact us here today and our team of hair specialists can help provide you with the very best salon treatments to treat your damaged hair.

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