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Lounge Hair Studio

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Treatments – Damaged Hair Mineral Buildup

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The   Lounge  Hair  Studio

licensed EXPERTs in a Downtown Vancouver Hair Salon

Award winning hairstylists ranging in experience from 2 to 40 years to match any style, budget and  expectation; from alternative personalities to professional looks and everything in between. Services prices are dependent on the experience and tenure of our stylists.

A conveniently located Yaletown Hair Salon


Hair  Treatment   EXPERTS

  • Are you plagued by frizz?
  • Are you plagued by split ends?
  • Has your blonde hair turned green?
  • Has your blonde hair turned brassy?
  • Is your hair dull looking?
  • Do you wish you had silky smooth hair?

What kinds of treatments are available?


Hair  DETOX  Treatment S

Detox hair treatments simply gets rid of buildup on the hair shaft that results from too much product usage or chemicals such as chlorine.

By clarifying the hair shaft, a detox treatment improves the health of the hair and scalp and can stimulate hair growth.

Why detox your Scalp and Hair?

  • Gets rid of toxin build-up to promote healthy new growth
  • Improves scalp circulation, bringing nutrients and oxygen to roots of hair
  • Helps regenerate hair cells
  • Unclogs hair follicles so hair can grow without any hindrance
  • Gets rid of dryness, flakiness and scalp irritation
  • Helps with scalp acne
  • Most importantly improves the health of your scalp which is the bedrock of your hair follicles.

Along with The Lounge Detox Hair Treatments you can choose from other treatments such as an Olaplex Treatment, a Kevin Murphy Hair Repair Treatment, or a Keratin Treatment.

It is always a good idea to book a complimentary consultation to discuss your specific needs.