Fall Winter Hair 2021 2022

Lounge Hair Studio


As the Canadian Artistic Director of Electric London Canada, Martin Hillier was asked to provide his projections of what is coming in hair for Fall/Winter 2021 2022.  Here is what he had to say.


As we know with all fashion and trends they have a habit of repeating themselves albeit with a modern twist. And so it goes with hairstyles and cuts. 

Nostalgia, romance and practicality all play their part in shaping the next big trends. And let’s not forget street fashion, where individuality and those who dare to be different have a major effect on the fashion and beauty world.




This Fall/Winter season, look out for the Covid Knot sticking around!


This messy elasticated top knot or bun has become every woman’s go-to during the last two years and is now seen everywhere in various forms of disarray. From the street to the red carpet, it has earned its place in the hairdressing staple.


Along with this messy version, look out for the groomed and sleek top knot still worn high on the head but tamed and classic in its appearance as if Audrey Hepburn was a young starlet today.


Use a mousse to control your look when styling and finish with your favourite hairspray.


The Shake (or Shag as it is known in America) was a classic Sassoon-inspired cut of the 70s earning a well-respected place in the global hair world.


A medium to long haircut that incorporates many layers to free the existing texture of the recipient’s hair has a fabulously diverse number of ways to flatter the face. From heavy fringes to curtain bangs, from centre-parted drop layers hitting the jaw, or more heavily layered interiors, this style has it all in spades.


Support your look with easy to use products to get just the right texture and finish. Gritty beach sprays to texturizing pastes make just the right statement.


In a shorter cut, you need to look no further than the classic Bob; this is another style that has never and will never leave us. It is constantly evolving with layers and graduation to free its one-length classic shape. It is so adaptable and versatile that one form of bob or another can complement nearly all face shapes. It is as at home with jeans (or dare I say sweats)! as it is in a flowing evening gown or power suits. Handled correctly, it is a style for all ages and occasions.


Finish with products to suit your personality from curls to flat-ironing to natural tossed looks.  Some of our favourites are here.


Texture is also something to consider as we move into another season. From Japanese Straightening that straightens the most stubborn hair to a sleek shine and Keratin treatments that temporarily tame your hairs unwanted frizz or curl or multiple perm techniques that wave, curl or lift your locks into life. Adding movement and dimension to your hair through salon treatments has never been more popular or advanced.


Through all these varied and wonderful looks, The Lounge recommends Electric London to help you with your perfect maintenance routine to keep these styles in perfect shape.


  • Bring your hair up to the crown using a little C-7 to smooth your shape and elasticate. Once in a ponytail, take a little C-1 Rose Serum and rub into your palms, then gently glide it over the surface of your hair to add lustre. Dust a little C-8 powder onto your pony hair for texture and lightly backcomb. Smooth the surface of the ponytail and begin to wrap it around itself, pinning as you go. When smooth and height has been achieved, give a last blast of C-7


  • For volume & lift, apply C-6 Cloudburst mousse to your damp hair, massage in and, leaning forward, blowdry your hair all forward from the sides (with your Electric Denman or Paddle brush) until the hair is 90% dry. Then sit up (slowly), and push the hair away from your face. You will see you have created volume, which you can now smooth and tame as desired.
  • For a smooth look, add C-2 Smoothing cream to damp hair and with a paddle brush, start as above by flipping your hair over and begin to dry. Once the hair is 60% dry, bring your head up and begin to dry using your dryer and paddle brush in unison to keep the style sleek and smooth.
  • For fine hair, repeat shake for Volume technique but add C-5 Volume Liquid Mist. This lightweight mist will add tons of volume without weighing your hair down.


  • One-Length Bob. This style is smooth and classic.
    • Once washed and towel-dried, apply C-2 Smoothing cream and dry with your Electric Denman Brush.
  • Bob with Graduation. For adding lift on a Graduated Bob.
    •  We suggest C-6 CloudBurst Mousse for just the right amount of volume and shine.
    • Work with your Electric Denman Brush for that perfect turn on the bottom of your bob.
  • Bob with layers. Adding movement and lift in your bob.
    • For this, we recommend C-5 Volume Liquid Mist.
    • Use your Electric Denman Brush for sleeker looks or an Electric Bristle Brush for extra volume and lift.
    • For shorter layered looks, use C-4 Shaping Paste. Add a little to the palm of your hand and massage into both hands.
    • For short and sassy textured bobs, place your palms onto the shape and start defining areas where you want more texture and life.