Fall & Winter Hair Trends 2022

Lounge Hair Studio


Hair by Melissa Arnold of The Lounge Hair Studio.

As the Canadian Artistic Director of Electric London Canada, Martin Hillier was asked to provide his his Trend forecast for Fall and Winter 2022.  Here is what he had to say.


Say goodbye to heavy balayage with striking definition between light and dark areas of the hair. Look instead towards subtle blends of colour tones that slip into each other seamlessly to add depth and definition. Caramel blondes and golden reds will take center stage, allowing the natural base of hair color to lead into these tones and taking the place of a Root Smudge, leading to more subtle grow out. Highlights will also sit under the surface of partings blending into the hair as if appearing from nowhere to lighten the interior flow of the hair’s shape.

Blunt shoulder Bobs with lightly layered ends will allow for strong shapes that can easily be changed from sleek to textured with the twist of an iron and still have enough length to be pulled up if the occasion calls for it.

Shorter haircuts are not disappearing for the Fall season. The clean nape and over the ear looks are still worn free and easy but can be sleeked back to dramatic effect for those oh so special evenings out.

Achieve  the  Look:

Blunt Shoulder Bobs

  • For smoothing the Bob; blow dry with C-2 Smoothing Spray.
  • FOR A FLAT-IRON WAVE;, lightly spray dry hair with C-5 Volume Liquid Mist & proceed to iron.
  • PULL BACK with C-7 Spray & finish with C-1 Electric Rose Serum to calm the fly aways & add natural lustre.


For Short CUTS

  • Blow dry with Cloud Burst Mousse for volume.
  • For a sleek look, add C4 Shaping Paste to hold firmly in place till the sun comes up!
  • Apply to towel dried or wet hair & comb back into position with a far side part – towel dried will have a softer effect.