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Frequently asked Questions

  • Do I have to set up a User Profile?
    No you do not, however you will not have the same convenience or access to your online profile.


  • Do I have to give my Visa to book an appointment?
    If you are a new client booking online, you will be required to book with a Visa or call the salon and provide a deposit. If a long-term client of The Lounge, you can have this waived.  Just talk to your stylist.


  • What is the Request For More Information when you send my appointment confirmation email?
    Every booking at The Lounge will trigger a request for more information in the form of our Covid-19 Contact Tracing and Protocol Questionnaire or a Service-Specific Consultation for you to get the best of your visit.


  • Why can’t I access the link to your Request For More Information from the appointment confirmation email?
    Have you signed up and logged in to your online profile?  If not you will need to set up your profile to access this.


  • What happens if I do not complete the Request For More Information?
    In the case of the Covid 19 Questionnaire, you will be required to confirm the details in person.  In regards to the Service-Specific Consultation, you may not receive valuable pre, during or post-service information that will help you get the most from your team and your service.


  • Why can’t I confirm, change or cancel my appointments from the link in the email you send me?
    Have you signed up and logged in to your online profile?  If not you will need to set up your profile to access this.


  • How do I confirm my appointment if I do not have a user account.  
    Call the salon at 604-602-7688. Do not email.


  • I get too many notifications from you! Can this be changed?
    Yes, you can choose from email, text or download the App for push notifications only.


  • I am an existing client of The Lounge for many years and I tried to reset my password but the system is not letting me do it?  What am I doing wrong?
    You probably have not set up your account properly. Sign-up using the same email address that you use at The Lounge.


  • I had Reward Points from the past, what happened to them?
    They were converted in May 2021 to a Voucher with our new Royalty Rewards Program and can find the balance in your online profile or on the APP.
    Beginning in July of 2022 any Reward Vouchers without an expiry were being converted to Reward Vouchers with a 3 month expiry.


  • I have a Visa Gift Card, can they be used at The Lounge?
    No, gift cards issued by Credit Card companies may not be redeemed at The Lounge.


Have more questions?  Email Lance