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Gray Hair

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Grey hair (or gray) for every man and woman is a normal part of ageing, after you reach a certain age you may notice a few strands of gray hair among your locks and this is only natural. 

The risk of going gray usually increases by 15% each decade after the age of 30, but for many women, this can be a daunting process. The great news is that today, women have more options than ever before to treat their gray hair, whether this is to completely cover or colour  your gray hair. Some women even choose to embrace their gray hair and go for a new hairstyle that allows them to showcase their new look and everything in between

This allows women to look and feel their best no matter their age or hair colour.

At The Lounge Hair Studio we have 3 types of services for colouring gray hair and they are are as follows:

  • Full Coverage – Permanent Hair Colour 
  • Grey Hair Blending – Semi-Permanent Hair Colour 
  • Current Trend Techniques – Combination of Highlights, Low-Lights with Permanent or Semi-Permanent Hair Colouring  

In this article, we will focus on Full Coverage and Blending in the treatment of gray hair, with a separate article coming soon that will focus on the Current Trend Techniques.


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Why Do We Go Gray?

Hair generally turns gray when the hair shaft no longer produces melanin which is the pigment that gives your hair its colour. The melanin pigment gives your hair, eyes, and skin their colour and when these cells in the hair start to die your hair begins to turn gray. Any new hair that then grows from this hair shaft will turn gray or silver before turning white. When the melanin pigment-producing hair cells die off completely you will no longer grow your coloured hair strands again.


Causes Of GrEy Hair?

For many people, genetics will play a large part in determining when they will go gray. If you look at your parents and grandparents, this will give you some type of indication of how early you will start to see grey hair in your own hair. 

People notice that if one or both parents went gray prematurely, there is a good chance that they will go gray prematurely too. 

For more information on gray hair and a deeper dive into the various types of hair structures, you can follow the link here

So now let’s have a look at some of the main causes of grey hair besides genetics. 



Contrary to popular belief stress does not directly cause grey hair. However, stress has been proven to be associated with hair loss and damage to the quality of your hair. 

People who suffer from constant stress trigger telogen effluvium which is associated with rapid hair loss. Stress does impact on your hair follicles and after a period of sustained hair loss if your hair does eventually grow back, there is a good chance the hair will regrow back gray if you are middle-aged or older.


Health & Wellness

A regular unhealthy diet or underlying health conditions can have an increased risk on grey hair. With the body’s lack of the vital vitamins and minerals, this can increasingly impact on your hair health and the way it looks. When the immune system is compromised over a long period of time, this may cause hair to turn gray much quicker compared to someone who is fit and healthy.



Smoking can negatively impact your health and your hair is not immune, speeding up the graying process. Smokers are generally twice as likely to go gray before non-smokers before the age of 30. For people already gray, people who continue to smoke always risk their hair to move to the next stage of a silver-gray that happens to have a yellowish tint to the hair colour.

Gray hair does not have the same protection against UV rays, water, humidity, and hairstyling heat. As a result, gray hair is much coarser and drier when compared with natural coloured healthy hair. Many women suffer to get the great hairstyle or look they want due to this gray hair challenge every day.

Our team at the The Lounge Hair Studio, recommends the following products and treatment for gray hair to help you get back in control of your hair to allow it to look it’s beautiful best.


 Haircuts and products for gray hair

Top hair products for gray hair- Lounge Hair Studio Vancouver


Top Hair Products For Grey Hair

To keep your hair strong and smooth whether you have just transitioned into gray hair or have been embracing it for a while, your hair care routine should focus on hydration and brightness. 


To ensure your gray hair gets this hydration it’s important to select shampoos and conditioners that have hydrating ingredients like nourishing oils with vitamins C and E. Just as we change our shampoos and conditioners after dyeing hair, we should do the same when our hair changes naturally to gray too. 


As we have mentioned above, not only does the colour of your hair change when you go gray but so does the texture. Gray hair tends to be coarser and drier so it’s important to use the best hair products that will deliver moisture.


Our team at The Lounge Hair Studio recommends the following hair care products for gray hair to help you tame and nourish your gray hair at any stage of the process.  

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Best Salon Treatments for GrEy Hair

At the Lounge Hair Studio, we are a salon specializing in gray hair treatment. We work with clients who wish to dye their gray hair with a colouring suited to their style or natural hair colour. We also work with many clients who wish to embrace their gray hair and opt for a great hairstyle that allows them to showcase their gray locks with a beautiful new hairstyle.

By booking an appointment with one of our team today, we will be able to analyse your hair and recommend some great hair care salon treatments for your gray hair. We will provide you with the best colourist for gray hair, but also the best hair stylist for gray hair with a team specialized in helping you look your best.

Gray hair treatment does not always have to be about gray hair colouring, we understand that gray hair can still be creative too and we include colour techniques, grey blending, or even bold accents.

Our team at Lounge Hair Studio recommends the following salon treatments to treat gray hair in women.



Salon Hair Colouring


Many women choose to have their hair coloured at the sign of gray hairs and this is the most popular solution among our clients. In-salon colouring treatments by a professional hair specialist are really important at this stage, as the process involves much more than simply painting your gray hair a different colour. 


When colouring your hair it is important to select the right shade and technique for your look that can also soften the roughness of the hair. A professional hair care stylist will be able to provide you with the best course of action depending on the amount of gray hair you have. For areas with a small amount of gray hairs such as the temples, a semi-permanent hair colour can be the best option for many clients. If you have a scattering of gray hairs, then highlights might be the best option to treat your gray hair.


Contact our Salon today to get an idea of the best colouring option for you and your hair, we will also provide you with the best methods for home maintenance between visits.


Grey Hair Cut/Styles


The fear of going gray for women can be a scary thought and the choice to colour is usually the most popular choice. However, for many women, they embrace gray hair and celebrate the fact with a haircut that suits their gray locks.


By leaving your hair to naturally turn gray you can opt for a great haircut that showcases your new look to make it look it’s very best. With an ever-increasing trend for women to showcase their gray hair for its natural look, gray hair could even be seen as the new blonde.


If you are currently going gray and unsure if you want to colour your hair then contact our salon today and we can discuss with you some great gray hairstyles that we feel would look great on you. We can provide you with the direction you need whether you’re looking for a short or long hairstyle for your gray hair. We are sure once you have met with our team you won’t be afraid of gray but will instead want to show it off!

Contact us here today and our team of hair specialists can help provide you with the very best salon treatments to treat your gray hair.

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