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Getting the most out of your extensions is not as hard as it may seem. Whether you are looking for volume for your skimpy ponytail, waist-length hair or to looking for damage-free colour, extensions are an instant solution. There are a few things to consider however.  Here are some Frequently Asked Questions to help you get the most of your money and your extension.

Will extensions damage my hair?

No but extensions will put some stress on your hair. Similar to permanent hair colour it will not damage it when properly installed and taken care of.

Will anyone know I am wearing them?

No one should be able to tell as long as they are properly installed and colour matched.

How do I wash them?

Wash your hair similar to curly hair. Washing in one direction from the top down.  Don’t “scrub” or turn your head upside down. You can wash it daily but that is not necessary.

What types of products should I use?

Use shampoo’s and conditioner’s that have little to no alcohol (most professional products), that add moisture.  Do not use products that can dry out hair such as products for oily hair or products that remove chlorine and/or product build up.

Our licensed stylists recommend only the best quality products; Kevin Murphy, Joico, BS, and Electric London.

To help with tangles, use spray in conditioners such as Electric London P*-4 Preparation Spray, Kevin Murphy Staying Alive or Joico K-Pak Liquid Reconstructor, but only on the ends


All are available at The Lounge Online.

Can I brush, blow dry curl or flat iron it?


  • You can do everything that you would do with your regular hair
  • Brushing you hair while wet is key. We recommend the detangling Wet Brush
  • Start from the bottom, work your way up while holding the bonds being careful at the scalp. This will prevent shedding or stretching
  • Be gentle, if you have a tangle or if your own hair is fragile and use a brush recommended by your stylist
  • Once dry, you can flat-iron or curl it if you choose. We recommend Babyliss PRO Rapido Curling Irons or Nano Titanium Flat Irons. All available at The Lounge Online
  • You can also air dry your hair for curly hair. Just scrunch it after using a wide tooth comb and avoid brushing to prevent frizz

How long will my hair last?

There are many factors that affect how long your extensions will last.

  • Hair quality. All human hair sold for hair extensions are processed, sterilized, coloured and may be pre-permed
  • Extension hair does not have natural oils and thins when brushed. We use only the best Remy hair here at The Lounge
  • The type of extension also affects how long they last
    • Bonded extensions last longer and depend on the size of the bond. The larger the bond, the longer they last. The smaller the bond the less detectable, but they are more expensive
    • Tape-in extensions last the least amount of time but the hair can be re-used
  • At-home maintenance. Follow our “at-home tip sheet” to get the best out of your hair

Each person is different. The life of your extensions will depend on climate, water, products used, at-home hair care, brushing, use of hot implements like blow dryers and irons, swimming, how often washed, how it was applied, etc. All these factors determine the longevity of your hair so no one can give an exact amount of days. Extensions can last for many months or be easily ruined if not cared for properly.

Generally however, we recommend they be redone about every 6 weeks for tape-in and about every 4 months for bonded.

Can I color or perm the extension hair?

There is no need to perm it as our hair already has texture.  We do not recommend colour (unless from blonde and a demi/semi only) as our licensed technicians will “pre-blend” shades if needed, to personalize them just for you, from the many colour choices.

Can I swim with my extensions?

Salt water and the chlorine in swimming pools and hot tubs will dry hair out. Avoid getting your hair wet if you can however, we recommend that you wash and condition it right after if you do.


Who Should Not Get Hair Extensions?

We recommend that anyone with unusually fine and/or sparse hair and anyone with active hair loss, not get extensions. If you’re unsure, book in for a free consultation here.

Hair Extensions Mistakes To Avoid

  • Poor quality hair. Some extensions, even expensive ones can be over processed or poorly manufactured.
  • Poor colour match. A complimentary consultation in advance of ordering hair is a must. We guarantee exceptional colour tones and will pre-blend when needed, just for you.
  • Poor strand weight. Each weft of hair is individually installed on bonded hair and should match your own hair density accordingly.
  • Poor blending. Inexperienced stylists may not even cut your hair after installation. You new style needs to be properly blended or your extensions will be noticeable.
  • Poor or no at-home care instructions. We provide an “at-home tip sheet” to prevent matting, ensure proper drying at the root, etc, to ensure the expected life of your new extensions.

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