Hair Structure – Going Deeper

Hair Structure – Going Deeper:


Fine hair, thinning hair, coarse or frizzy hair are statements often misused when people are talking of their hair in general. For example, fine hair is your type of hair, thinning hair is a symptom of a hair loss condition. (a topic we cover in another of our helpful hints for your personal hair needs).


Your hair type reflects your heritage and therefore can vary considerably with family members. Although we may know our recent family history, or have even done a family tree; the unknown movement of our ancestors can come back to show up many generations later. Including skin tone, eye colour and hair type.


Caucasian hair (or European hair as it is also known) is thinner hair per strand, but contains more hair per square inch. The visual difference between Asian hair and Afro hair is negligible. The texture is what makes the difference.


Generally, Caucasian Hair density is between  86,000 – 146,000

Afro Hair density sits at between 50,000 – 100,000

Asian Hair density 80,000 – 140,000

And obviously (although not always so obvious) our past genetic makeup can mean a combination of several hair types can combine within any number of family members.


With Caucasian hair, although the number of hair is more dense,  when the hair starts to thin, it’s fine texture and lighter colour can lead to a visual look of sparseness, as the scalp and skin colour will show through more obviously.


Female pattern hair loss is more common than talked about and causes an overall thinning of the hair over time, as opposed to male pattern baldness which tends to leave large areas of the scalp without hair at all.


The good news is, as hair becomes finer or more sparse, there are products at every level of your hair maintenance routine that can help improve your styling ability and the appearance of the looks you want to accomplish.

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