The ‘I do’s’ of bridal makeup

Weddings can be stressful. There are so many choices – and a lot of pressure to make everything “perfect”.

On top of that, first-time brides may not know what to expect, making the wedding planning and the wedding day even more intimidating.

But bridal makeup and hair shouldn’t feel this way.

How do you avoid the stress while still making sure you get the style you want? Follow these simple “I do’s”!

Choosing a stylist for your bridal makeup and hair

Picking the stylist for your bridal makeup and hair is a big decision. That’s why we always following a few simple steps to help ensure you end up with the right fit.

1. Ask for recommendations

The best way to find the right person to do your bridal makeup and hair is to ask your normal stylist for recommendations. You may even luck out and be able to hire them to do your hair and makeup on your big day!

If your stylist doesn’t do weddings, though, there may be someone on staff who does. For example, at the Lounge, we have Courtney – who gives everyone the look they dreamt of!   

2. Have a consultation

Once you have recommendations, you want to check out the stylists. A consultation will allow you to do that. Ask potential stylists about their experience – with weddings and beyond. Make sure you talk about your wedding plans and what you want out of your look. See if you feel heard and listen to the stylist’s concepts for where they would take your ideas. Make sure what you want fits with the stylist’s plans. If you can’t find common ground, this may not be the stylist for you.

Remember that your wedding is supposed to be a beautiful, joyful experience. That makes it important to find a stylist who makes you feel comfortable and whom you think will bring a positive energy to your big day.


3. Check out portfolios

The next step is to look at the work stylists have done for past clients. Any experienced wedding stylist should have a portfolio to show you. Ensure that you like the looks they create. If you don’t like their style, you probably won’t be happy with their plans for you! Once you find a portfolio you like from a stylist you feel comfortable with, book them right away! You don’t want their schedule filling up because of procrastination. As well as looking at a folio it is OK to bring tear sheets or images on your phone from Pinterest or other sites of looks that you like. Also, you may want to consider a hairpiece or extensions, think of this in advance so that they can be ordered in time and match your hair.

Prepping your bridal makeup and hair

Book your bridal hair and makeup trial

It’s always important to book a trial of your bridal makeup and hair.

A trial is essentially a practice run to give you an idea of how your look will come together on your wedding day. It also gives you and the stylist a more accurate idea of how long your look will take to create.

If any issues arise during the trial, you can work them out ahead of time, keeping your wedding day flowing smoothly.

When and how to book your trial

Plan your bridal hair and makeup appointments after everything else is booked. That way, you will be sure about your venue, dress, and anything else that could influence your look – as well as knowing the timeline for the day. A perfect time for a trial would be 4 to 6 weeks before your wedding day. Schedule 2 hours or more for the trial, so you can try a couple of different looks.

When you come for your trial, come with clear skin – no makeup – with just some moisturizer on. Bring pictures of the styles you like. If you have a preference on a certain makeup or skin care product, always bring them along so they can be incorporated into your look.


4. Bring a critic

You should be able to bring someone with you to weigh in. At the Lounge, we serve coffee, tea and wine so you can bring a family member or an honest friend and make an afternoon out of your trial!

If possible, we suggest scheduling your final dress fitting for right after the trial, so you can see your whole look together!

Your bridal makeup and hair on the big day

Now it’s time for the big day!

By the morning of your wedding, you and your stylist will have everything figured out. That means you can just sit back and relax!

Instead of concentrating on your look, you’ll be able to focus on having an amazing morning with your bridal party.

Where to get your bridal makeup and hair done on your wedding day

Most salons will have the option of a stylist coming to you at home or at your wedding venue. Or, you and your bridal party could come in to the salon. Going to the salon can be a lot of fun. If you come into the Lounge, we pop some bubbly and make sure you and your bridesmaids can chat and have fun as we pamper you.

If you’re worried about time or have a sentimental location you want to get ready in, have your stylist come to you. Just be aware that there is usually an extra charge for this to cover travel expenses.

Either way, you’ll have a wonderful time!  

How long does wedding makeup and hair take?

Leave an hour for your bridal makeup and hair and 45 minutes for each member of the wedding party who is having their look done.

Of course, if you have small details you want to change on the day, your stylist will be able to accommodate. Remember that your stylist wants you to feel beautiful and comfortable. So tell them if you don’t feel that way!

And the last and most important step of your bridal makeup and hair process: Enjoy celebrating your love with all your favourite people!


Say “I Do” to Bridal Hair & Makeup with the Lounge’s Courtney Grice

Trial Day $400


  • Hair & Makeup Trial
  • Free Blow-Dry
  • Free Electric London Shampoo & Conditioner ($140 value)
  • 50% deposit taken for wedding day
  • 2.5 hours

Wedding Day $400


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  • Complimentary touch-up kit

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