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Japanese Straightening – Beata

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The consultation

Beata is a personal trainer, works out daily and an international bikini competitor. During the consultation she advised that she dislikes her hair texture. Her hair is fine and very frizzy with strong curls around nape, behind ears and around her face. Beata tried everything but a Japanese Straightening.

It was decided to try something completely new for her!

Mari chose two SHISEIDO Crystallizing Formulas.

  • Straight/Normal Formula in most areas
  • Resistant Formula in the strong curl areas

For styling

After the service Mari used Electric London (EL) T1 Intensive Masque (alternatively you could use Kevin Murphy (KM) Angel Masque)

For styling, Beata’s hair can become heavy, so something light is important and Mari chose EL Smoothing Creme ( or KM Ever.Smooth) on gently blow dried hair with medium heat! No need to use max heat after a Japanese Straightening.

Flat iron the ends only with low heat to create this smooth look.

Apply small amount of EL English Rose Serum (or KM Young.Again) throughout hair, staring from ends.

Since her hair is now permanently straightened, her morning routine is much easier. Beata says she doesn’t have to do anything and she can now use a large curling iron!

At-home CARE

Mari recommends sulfate-free products to prevent stripping the hair and help the service last longer; Electric London Hydrate Shampoo or Conditioner or Colour Protect Shampoo and Conditioners, Oligo Moisture Balance Cleanser and Conditioner and KM,  SmoothAgain or Wash and Rinse.

Your hair doesn’t require too much prep work so you can focus on styling your hair.  Use hot styling tools to curl or flat iron your hair!


Most common mistakes that we make are:

  • People think it is still ok to use shampoo and conditioners with sulfates. If your hair is below the chin, you may have invested over 2 -3 years into it. Now with a Japanese Straightening, the products you choose should be a priority. A high moisturizing conditioner and sulfate-free.
  • High heat! Do not need it. Medium heat is enough with a smoothing cream or if you have fine hair, a leave in conditioner.