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Japanese hair straightening is one part hair style and one part art form and is known both as Japanese straightening and as thermal reconditioning.

This method of hair straightening hair involves high heat, chemicals, and a flat iron to straighten curly or unruly hair. Unlike similar treatments, such as Brazilian keratin treatments and typical chemical relaxers, the end result will last much longer. It generally only requires minimal touch-ups once per year.


Thermal reconditioning with a Japanese hair straightener will take between 4 -5 hours depending on the length of hair that must be straightened. Japanese straightening is a technique that causes wavy, frizzy, or curly hair to be rendered perfectly straight. During the procedure the molecular bonds within the hair are softened and reformed into a straight pattern. Once the process is completed the end result includes not only incredibly straight hair, but a smooth, silky, and glossy finish.

You will be required to book a complimentary consultation with Mari to determine if your hair is in good enough condition to perform the service and provide a 50% deposit.

Mari is one of our licensed Senior Stylist who specializes in Japanese Straightening.


We wanted to find out from her why and when she recommends a Japanese Straightening, what professional products we use at The Lounge and what products and tools she recommends for at-home care, to get the most of a Japanese Straightening.


Like many of Maris clients,  she chose a Japanese Straightening to make her daily life easier.

Below are some examples to help you decide if a Japanese Straightening is for you.

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