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The permanent, or perm, is a chemical treatment that adds permanent waves or curls to the hair.

The first hints of the perm came up in the late 1800s and early 1900s. As the process developed, stylists experimented with all sorts of unusual ingredients… even cow urine! Thankfully, the perm developed and moved on from those early ingredients. By the 1930s, perms proper were invented. Then, however, the process took over six hours!

The most recent perm boom happened in the 1970s and ‘80s. The height of style was afros and aviators! But men of all ages used perms to add texture and curl to their hair. Then, as quickly as the perm came into fashion, it went out. And we mean OUT! Suddenly, getting a perm was deemed dated.

By the time we opened Lounge Hair Studio, very few people were getting perms in Vancouver. In fact, perms were seen as so unfashionable that the word was basically banned in salons! Just mentioning it could send clients running.

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Now, people are realizing the power of the perm in Vancouver. A perm adds texture, body and movement to the hair. At the same time, it doesn’t create frizz or unruly hair. That means your look will be chic and low maintenance! No wonder perms are considered an ideal process for anyone with flat hair, as well as those looking for a gorgeous new style!

So what would one of these modern perms look like? Back in 2019 perms began to make way back into salons.  In fact, men took the lead when it came to adding texture to the pompadour, or for the more daring, men went for a full on fro!  We could not be happier to see the sleek barbershop trends making way for the more relaxed textured looks that a good perm can give.

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