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Oily Hair

What Is oily Hair? 

Oily hair is a common issue and there can be several causes with some causes more manageable than others. Causes of oily hair such as hereditary predisposition or hormone fluctuations cannot be influenced, but other causes such as stress, diet and hair care hygiene from products and treatments can.Oily hair can be a source of frustration for many men and women, but thankfully there are several ways to treat oily hair to leave it feeling volume-filled, soft, and silky. 


Oily hair can be regarded as a dead-end to all hair goals if not managed correctly. While oily or greasy hair can sometimes appear neglected, it is generally the result of a poorly managed hair care regimen. Irrespective of what might be the root cause of oily hair, there are several great products and solutions you use to help repair damaged hair and maintain your hair’s health. 


If you have oily hair, then you should be aware of some of the main symptoms that make your hair appear oily and dull. It is common for people with oily hair to suffer hair loss or even dandruff-related problems. If left untreated or unmanaged, oily hair could lead to further serious hair-related problems. It is therefore important to seek the right treatment for oily hair before any further hair problems appear.


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What Causes Oily Hair?


Oily hair is known to be the result of overactive oil or sebaceous glands that end up producing too much sebum. While sebum is known to be beneficial for your hair, excess amounts of sebum can lead to hair becoming greasy. When the scalp becomes excessively oily due to the sebum produced, this is where many people have an outbreak of dandruff.


Some of the main common causes of oily hair include:

Excessive Sebum


Sebum is required for the scalp as it helps in preventing the skin from getting dry. However, there are specific circumstances in which the glands tend to produce an excess number of oils leading to oily hair and skin. Excess oils on the scalp are known to lead to major scalp-related problems including dandruff, limp hair, and hair loss. 


Many hair types tend to be more oily naturally, for people with straight hair strands they will mostly get greasy hair in this case. The reason is that sebum tends to travel from the roots to its tips without any obstructions. On the other hand, curly hair strands tend to be oilier towards the roots. This is because sebum fails to advance to other parts of the hair strands for people with curly hair.

Overuse of Haircare Products


To control or prevent oily hair, many people overuse hair care products or even worse use products that are unhealthy for their hair. This in turn can damage the hair and even make the hair more oilier in some cases.


Many alcohol-based products that appear in non-professional hair care shampoos, conditioners and other products can negatively impact the functioning of the hairs sebaceous glands. Overuse of these products can have a damaging long-term effect on the hair leaving the hair looking oily, dull, and lifeless.


Many people are then washing their hair with these products too often, which leads to the overproduction of sebum to replace the oil that was lost. Shampooing and over washing the hair typically aggravates the entire process rather than solving oily hair problems.


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Best Oily Hair Products

At The Lounge Hair Studio, we have a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced hair care experts delivering guided assistance when it comes to resolving all kinds of hair-related problems. Our experts recommend the following hair care products for oily hair that will deeply nourish your hair while smoothing it all along the way:

Salon Treatments for Oily Hair

At the Lounge Hair Studio, we specialize in helping clients treat their oily hair  no matter what the type or cause. We are here to work with clients who wish to treat oily hair the right way and provide the best treatments available to help hair return to its natural healthy condition.


By booking an appointment with one of our team today, we will be able to analyze your oily hair and recommend some great treatments and products.


Contact us here today and our team of hair specialists will be happy to discuss your challenges with oily hair and offer the best solution for your hair.

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