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Perm: Not The 4-Letter Word It Once Was

Are you feeling overwhelmed with styling?

Don’t have enough time to do your hair in the morning?

Want to add more body to your limp, fine hair?

We have a solution for you: A perm!

Before you run away, hear us out. Today’s perms aren’t your grandma’s hair style. They’ve been completely overhauled, which is why perms are having a moment in Vancouver and beyond!


Get permed at the Lounge

Our licensed stylists have been adding texture to hair since 1997. We take pride in the results of our work and always do free consultations before booking time for your perm. This ensures your hair is in optimum condition for the service and allows us the opportunity to determine the style that will suit you best and not rush the service.

For services over 3 hours, a deposit is required.

You can check out the bios of each of our texture specialists here: Briar, Courtney, Alan and Mari.  

The history of the perm

The permanent, or perm, is a chemical treatment that adds permanent waves or curls to the hair.

The first hints of the perm came up in the late 1800s and early 1900s. As the process developed, stylists experimented with all sorts of unusual ingredients… even cow urine! Thankfully, the perm developed and moved on from those early ingredients. By the 1930s, perms proper were invented. Then, however, the process took over six hours!

The most recent perm boom happened in the 1970s and ‘80s. The height of style was afros and aviators! But women of all ages used perms to add texture and curl to their hair. Then, as quickly as the perm came into fashion, it went out. And we mean OUT! Suddenly, getting a perm was deemed dated.

By the time we opened Lounge Hair Studio, very few people were getting perms in Vancouver. In fact, perms were seen as so unfashionable that the word was basically banned in salons! Just mentioning it could send clients running.

But, like fashion and makeup trends, hair styles come and go. People go back and find new ways to reinvent themselves. Recently, as curls and texture came back into hair fashion, along with cat eye makeup, brown lipstick and retro sunglasses, the perm is back too!

Why everyone’s getting perms in Vancouver…

Now, people are realizing the power of the perm in Vancouver. A perm adds texture, body and movement to the hair. At the same time, it doesn’t create frizz or unruly hair. That means your look will be chic and low maintenance! No wonder perms are considered an ideal process for anyone with flat hair, as well as those looking for a gorgeous new style!

So what would one of these modern perms look like? Here are just a few of the options available now:


1. The Braid or Beach Wave Perm

Wait… what is a Braid Perm? perms vancouver braid perm
It’s a way to add texture and movement to your current hair without opting for a full-on perm look. If you have limp, fine hair, a Braid Perm is a perfect way to bring your strands to life! Once you get this perm, your hair will look natural but have the body you want. That’ll let you look and feel your best – even with minimal styling, saving you time and energy. Who wouldn’t want that!? Here is a great example of a Braid Perm that we found on the web to show you the results.



2. Beachy Waves

Perms Vancouver Beachy Waves Perm

Perm set by Briar Cook

This is not your typical Victoria’s Secret look. Ever got off the back of a motorcyle or been to the beach where your hair has taken on a life of its own? It just feels sexy! Think that for this type of texture. Add your favourite texture product and you have the perfect beachy wave look. For a sexy look, reach for Hair or Beach Shake from Joico, or Liquid Volume Mist from Electric London.


3. The Blow-Out Perm

perms vancouver blow out perm

Perm set by Briar Cook

Perms aren’t just about curls. You can also get soft waves! This perm is ideal for those with straight hair who want a bit more texture and movement even if just on the ends. The thing to realize about blow out perms is they do not replace your daily styling, they support it to make it easier. Because these perms are so soft, we like to define them as temporary texture, similar to semi-permanent hair colour. Think movement, not perm. For a soft finish, use a small amount of Electric London Liquid Volume Mist for all hair types, and rub a small amount of Electric London Rose Serum to you ends if you have normal to thick hair.  


4. The Spiral Perm

perms vancouver spiral perm

Perm set by Briar Cook

With a classic perm, all the curls are the same size and shape. When you go for a spiral perm, though, you get curls with a variety of sizes and shapes. This creates a more natural look to the curls. The primary difference between spiral perms of the ‘80s and today’s spiral perm is truly the products you use; the technique remains the same. Thorough consultations, quality products, application, rod sizes and at-home care recommendations from experienced technicians are key.



5. The Fantastic Fro Perm

The afro is back in a big way! But unlike the afros of the past, which were large and circular, today’s afros have more shape. There are also more options for products that can help you style your afro. If you go for this kind of perm, we suggest picking up products with lots of moisture. Something like Curl Cleansing and Nourished Shampoo and Conditioners and Curl Defining Contouring Control Wax and Controlling Anti-Frizz Styler, all by Joico, before you leave the salon. That way, you’ll be ready to start styling your new look! With so many perm options, it’s easy to find the right style for you!


At the Lounge, we only use the award-winning ISO Options Perm Solutions product line for clients who get a perm.


Maintaining your perm

perms vancouver

Perm set by Alan Yip

Once your perm is done, it’s important to take care of it. Make sure you don’t get your hair wet for at least two days. If you’re getting a perm in Vancouver, remember to keep an umbrella with you at all times! Once you are able to wet your hair, you’ll want to use a shampoo for chemically treated hair and a moisturizing conditioner.


Alan’s favourite products for curls are:


Mari loves:


Since perms strip naturally oils out of the hair, you may also want to use deep conditioning treatments, like Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Masque.

Using a blow dryer can damage permed hair, so it’s important to pick up a diffuser and great heat protectants like Kevin Murphy Thermal protection and Electric London Smoothing Cream C2. Instead of heat styling tools, look at products that can work with your perm, like curl enhancers and mousses. We love Kevin Murphy Killer Curls and Motion Lotion.


Have specific styles you want to create with your perm? Ask your stylist about the right products and tools to make it happen!


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