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Solutions for Thick Hair Challenges

Thick Hair

What Is Thick Hair?

Thick hair is often confused with the density of hair when actually hair thickness indicates the width of a single hair strand. Hair density on the other hand is the measure of the number of hair strands per square inch of the scalp.

The best way to check the density of your hair is to measure the circumference of a ponytail when the hair is tied up. If you have low-density hair, the circumference will be less than two inches. medium-density hair is two to three inches, and high-density hair is four or more inches in circumference. 

To measure for hair thickness, pluck a strand of hair from your head, ideally from a spot that is well endowed, so avoid any face-framing pieces, and compare the strand to a sewing thread. If your hair is as wide, or just slightly under width, as a sewing thread, then you have thick hair. If your hair is much slimmer than the thread, your hair is on the thin side.

Thick Hair Challenges

Thick hair is the envy of many people with thin hair, as they turn to products and solutions to make their hair appear thicker and fuller. 

People with thicker hair also have daily struggles and hair challenges when trying to maintain their hair. Similarly to people suffering from thin, dry, or oily hair, many natural and lifestyle trends can have an impact on the hair condition such as:

  • Genetics
  • Aging
  • Poor diet
  • Harsh hair products
  • Chemicals
  • Medical conditions

When styling hair people with thick or coarse hair face many challenges when trying to get the style they desire when the hair just doesn’t want to comply. This is the number one challenge for people with thick hair. 

Thick hair is regarded by many as healthy and strong but also has challenges with roughness and messiness when styling. Anyone with thick hair can relate to this, as it can take time to get the shape and style you’re looking for whilst battling the messiness of thick hair strands. 

Thick hair strands tend to feature the thickest diameter in comparison to all other hair types. Unlike most other types, thick hair is known to be as thick as that of a sewing thread. If thick hair is taken care of and in great condition, hair can appear beautifully healthy, strong, and thick. As with any hair type, the key here is to know how you take care of your hair, with the effective use of the right hair care products and solutions.

For more information on thick hair and a deeper dive into the various types of hair structures, you can follow the link here.



The Best Thick Hair Products

To ensure you are taking good care of your thick hair, you need to ensure you are investing in top-quality hair care products. The products that you use for treating thick hair should provide great moisture to your hair strands while preventing breakage at the same time. 

At Lounge Hair Studio, we have a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced hair care experts delivering guided assistance when it comes to resolving all kinds of hair-related problems. 

Our experts recommend the following hair care products for thick hair that will deeply nourish your hair while smoothing it all along the way:

Kevin.Murphy – Smooth.Again

Product Description 

This solution for thick hair serves to be a dual-purpose product that helps in delivering the overall benefits of a great styling product. The leave-in smoothing product helps in eliminating the overall frizz while leaving hair silkier and more touchable with long-lasting results. 


  • Nourishing and protecting hair
  • Smoothing and controlling frizz
  • Ideal for thick and curly hair
  • Paraben, sulfate, and cruelty-free product

Electric London – H-2 Hydrate Conditioner 

Product Description

Electric London – Hydrate Conditioner serves to be a premium hair conditioner that is helpful in smoothening and softening hair leaving you with beautifully shiny and soft hair. In addition to helping with softening your hair, the hair conditioning solution is also helpful in improving the overall elasticity as well as flexibility of hair fiber. 

The solution is enriched with the goodness of sugar beet, jojoba, and meadowfoam extracts. As such, the given conditioner helps in assuring intense moisturization for protecting your hair and smoothening the overall texture. 


  • Enriched with the goodness of all-natural products
  • Delivers an instant bouncy finish 
  • Smoothes out hair 
  • Ease of application

Kevin.Murphy – Hydrate-Me.Rinse

Product Description

A luxurious hydrating and smoothing conditioner designed to restore and replenish hair in need of repair. Ideal for naturally dry hair or for hair that has been exposed to harsh, dry climates. 

The product provides an essential moisture boost to nourish dry, parched locks and transforms the look and feel of split ends. Full of antioxidant goodness, the Hydrate Me Rinse leaves hair with a nourished, healthy-looking glow.


  • Antioxidant-rich blend helps boost hydration
  • Helps add essential moisture and shine
  • Helps smooth the hair and delivers a silky-soft feel
  • Packed with vitamins and nourishing oils
  • Ideal for normal to dry hair

Kevin.Murphy – Smooth.Again.Wash

Product Description

Tame coarse hair and fight back against frizz with this targeting smoothing shampoo. This smooth operator will nourish and refine thick, coarse, and unruly hair, delivering all-over softness and a stronger, smoother, shinier-looking finish.


  • A rich blend of beneficial oils and butters
  • Helps nourish and protect the hair
  • Helps hair look and feel soft and smooth
  • Helps smooth and control frizz
  • Ideal for thick, coarse, and unruly hair
  • Sulfate, paraben and cruelty-free

Salon Hair Solutions for Thick Hair

At the Lounge Hair Studio, we specialize in helping clients treat their thick hair no matter the extent of the condition.

We are here to work with clients who wish to treat thick hair the right way and provide the best treatments available to help hair return to its natural healthy condition that is more manageable

For clients with thick hair, our team at the salon recommends a great haircut and possible change in hairstyle to help accommodate for your thick hair condition. We understand when you have thick hair finding the right hairstyles and haircuts for your texture is no easy task, so we are here to help and offer the best possible advice.

At the Lounge Hair Studio, we are specialists in thick hair and can provide you with the best haircut so you can showcase your locks naturally. All it takes is determining which hairstyles for thick hair will flatter your texture without making your hair look too out of control.

Talk to you stylist to discuss which of the following hair cuts or styling tips for thick hair that will work for you:

  • Choppy Bob
  • Blunt Bangs
  • Long Layers
  • Undercut
  • Texturizing can also help to reduce the volume of thick hair. Your stylist can help determine what will work best for you.

By booking an appointment with one of our team today, we will be able to analyze your thick hair and recommend some great treatments and products.

Contact us here today and our team of hair specialists will be happy to discuss your challenges with thick hair and offer the best solution for your hair.


We have complete confidence in our ability to delight our guests, which is why we provide complimentary consultations and offer a 100% 7 Day Risk-Free Guarantee with all our services to put your mind at ease. 

You deserve to be happy with the services you receive at The Lounge. In the unlikely event you are not completely satisfied with the results, please tell us so we may make it right. Not only will we graciously re-do it for FREE, but if you require, we will credit your account with the equal value of the service so you may ask to be with ANY SERVICE PROVIDER of your choice for the re-do.


Service prices vary for if you have exceptionally thick or long hair. Although we can estimate a price over the phone, we only guarantee the price when you visit for your service or during a complimentary consultation.

Contact us BEFORE BOOKING or book a consultation if you have any questions.

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