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Lounge Hair Studio

Women’s Service Price List

Women's Service Prices

Haircut & Styling

  • Cut and Styling

    $65 - $150
    Includes shampoo and condition for your hair type, cut and style. Appointments range from 45-60min. Price ranges depend on tenure and experience of stylists.
  • Styling – Blow Dry

    $35 - $85
    Shampoo and conditioner for your hair type included. Prices depend on length of hair. Curling iron or flat iron finish not included.
  • Styling – Flat Iron

    $20 Blowdry Extra
    Shampoo and blow dry not included.
  • Styling – Curling

    $20 Blowdry Extra
    an add-on finishing service. Shampoo and blow dry not included.
  • Women’s Styling – Up Do

    long hair dressing for special events


  • Treatment – Keratin

    fr $300
    a smoothing keratin treatment is a temporary treatment that transforms frizzy, unruly hair into smooth, shiny, healthy hair. Keratin is infused into hair, sealing the cuticle and repairing damage. Hair is stronger, smoother and more manageable.
  • Treatments – Olaplex

    fr $45 + Blowdry
    imagine if you could prevent your hair from breaking and repair damaged strands by linking the bonds back together again? Well the Holy Grail has happened.
  • Treatment – Conditioning

    fr $20 + Blowdry
    a deep conditioning that replenishes hair of moisture that is lost by: daily activites and some styling products hats and scarves in winter sun and wind in summer
  • Treatments – Free Radicals

    fr $25 + Blowdry
    an intense clarifying treatment that effectively removes copper, iron minerals and styling product residue which can interfere with chemical services.

Hair Extensions

  • Extensions – Great Lengths

    by consult
    modulating, bonded extensions for thickening and lengthening hair. a women’s dream come true. In-Salon consultation only
  • Extensions – Tape-in

    by consult
    extensions which lay flat on the head and are suitable for fine hair. extensions for thickening and lengthening hair in-salon consultation + deposit required
  • Extensions – Removal

    for both tape-in and bonded extensions

Texture & Perms

  • Perm & Texture Services

    fr $200
    varied textures to support the styles that you are creating. From "temporary - support - Blow-Out Perms" (fr $200+) to "Fro Perms (fr $400+) to "Braid Perms" (fr $400)
  • Perm – Molten Brown

    fr $150
    services to give a natural look with varied textures
  • Perm – Beach Wave

    fr $300
    It’s called beach wave hair because of the way long hair usually behaves at the beach, large curls that are a little messy and/or even a bit frizzy. Short Hair (fr $300) - Long Hair (fr $500)
  • Japanese Straightening Perm

    by consult
    japanese hair straightening (thermal reconditioning) is permanent hair straightening. there is no need for hair dryers or flat irons. It’s low maintenance however, it will be pin straight which isn’t a look that everyone wants. if you want to just tame your curls or add body, you should consider keratin smoothing treatment instead. in-salon consultation + deposit required



  • Women’s Colour – Virgin Highlights

    fr $130
    Hair with no colour at all and you want to add highlights
  • Women’s Colour – Balayage

    fr $250
    “Balayage”, a French word meaning “to sweep”. This technique looks like natural sun-kissed highlights throughout the hair..
  • Women’s Colour – Ombre or Sombre

    fr $250
    Ombre means “shaded” in french, Ombre is characterized by dark roots that gradually get lighter towards the ends. Sombre is a softer version of ombre
  • Women’s Colour – Base & Highlights

    fr $130
    highlights with colour between the foils - one step colour treatment to prevent damage and save time - toner may be required after.

Hair Colour

  • Semi Permanent Colour

    fr $70
    A colour that lasts around 4-6 weeks
  • Women’s Colour – Grey Coverage

    fr $70
    Single tone regrowth coverage only - see virgin application or highlight services for other options.
  • Women’s Colour – Regrowth

    fr $70
    1/2" regrowth at the scalp only
  • Women’s Colour – Virgin Hair Colour

    fr $85
    hair with no colour and you want a single tone colour all over
  • On-Scalp Bleach Out

    by consult
    Looking to lighten your hair from scalp to ends? You may require a full bleach-out. We recommend that you do not shampoo your hair for 1-3 days and skip the gym that day to protect your scalp

Makeup & Nails


  • Makeup – Eyebrow tint

    from $20
  • Makeup – Eyebrow Tweeze

    from $20
  • Makeup – Day

    from $90
  • Makeup – Evening

    from $90
  • Makeup – Lessons

    from $90
  • Makeup – Bridal and Trial

    fr $125 | fr $90


  • Nails – Colour Change

    fr $20
  • Nails – Lounge French

    fr $47
    pre-cleansing soak, cuticle removal, buffing and shaping, massage and polish
  • Nails – Lounge Manicure

    fr $37
    pre-cleansing soak, cuticle removal, buffing and shaping, massage and polish
  • Nails – Lounge Mini Manicure

    fr $37
    buffing and shaping of your nails and includes a fresh coat of polish